Acme People Search (APS) – Global Domains International (GDI) Signup Blue Print

If you’re under Global Domains International(GDI) and looking for ways to add your income streams and also seeking alternative ways to increase your GDI downlines but also retain them. Acme People Search Is very worth joining.

Before explaining what Acme People Search is, have you heard of Tissa Godavitarne? For those who have not heard of him, Tissa Godavitarne is a successful internet marketer earning millions from Internet Marketing. For those who are affiliates of GDI, if you have been viewing your GDI leaderboard in your back office, you will notice Tissa Godavitarne is one of the top Global Domains International affiliates. He gets so many referrals by promoting his Acme People Search referral program.

So what is Acme People Search? Let me explain to you in a nutshell. Acme people search is a search engine that allows you to search for people and there is a referral program attached with it that funnels your referrals into a stream of affiliate programs (Global Domains International) being one of the 8 income streams.

Basically there are 2 ways to earn commisions from Acme People Search:

1) Is from promoting your Search engine- This consist of all the affliate programs in step 1

2) Promoting your referral links- Thisis how you get more GDI signups

The Acme People Search referral program consists of 3 steps. Step 1- signing up for free affiliate programs. Step 2 – Signing up for Global Domains International. Step 3 Signing up for Acme People Search affiliate program.

If you’re already a Global Domains International affiliate, here are the advantages of joining:

1) Step 1 is completely Free

2) Step 2 is Free since you already have a Global Domains International account

3) Step 3 is Free for 30 days thereafter $29.95/month, so you can try out the program and withdraw from it if you feel it is not working out for you

4) Increasing your income by the introduction of other income streams

5) GDI Sign up Sauce (Forced matrix:discussed below)

6) Increase the retention rates of your GDI downlines, by introducing them to Acme people search, they will start promoting Acme People Search and they will need to retain their GDI account in doing so. GDI sign up Sauce – Forced Matrix

This is rather an interesting feature in the Acme People Search Program. First let me address the common problem with GDI. The problem with GDI is that a lot of the GDI members do not get sign ups which will result in them quitting from GDI. This feature allows members to put in their downlines username in a rotator, What this does is that it will try to build your GDI downlines by giving the sign ups to your downlines in the rotator so each time your referrals sign up they will sign up under one of your downlines. This system will try to achieve 6 x 6 matrix for you for your GDI. This motivates your referrals to continue when they see they are getting downlines and in return will continue to be motivated.

You 1

Level 1 -6

Level 2 -36

Level 3 -216

Level 4 -1296

Level 5 -7776

Total 9330 The completed forced matrix would enable you to potentially earn $9,330 per month.

Let me explain the importance of advantage # 6). As a GDI affiliate you will realize that there will be a lot of dropout rates, a lot of your GDI downlines will start to get de motivated when they don’t get to see their downlines grow and eventually quit. With Acme People Search, there is a reason to continue their accounts, because they are trying to hit the $200 cash payout by Acme People search. Your GDI downlines will want to now earn not only from GDI and Acme People Search referral program but also from the other available income streams. Your downlines will start to treat this like a business and will work hard to market it.

But what If I’m not a GDI affiliate?

If you’re not an affiliate with Global Domains International, you can easily sign up as one and get that 7 days free trial, thereafter $10/month. So even if you’re not an affiliate in GDI, completing all 3 steps is 100% Free. Remember step 1 is free to complete, Step 2 requires you to get a domain name from GDI, (7 days free trial) and step 3 (30 days free trial). So similarly you will get to test drive this program to see if it suits you or not.

What if I don’t make it in Acme People Search?

My advice is that you take it as experience and cancel your subscriptions before your being charged. The only thing you will lose is your time spent as you will not be charged a single penny.

If you are new or a seasoned pro in internet marketing, this business is something definitely worth venturing into.