Asia Pacific Mobile Money Industry Prospects till 2019 – China and India to Bolster Growth

Asia Pacific Mobile Money Industry Prospects till 2019 – China and India to Bolster Growth

he Report Titled “Asia-Pacific Mobile Money Industry Prospects till 2019 – China and India to Bolster Growth” provides an in-depth analysis of the Mobile Money Industry and covers specific insights on the market size in terms of global mobile money market value, region and product wise segmentation, value chain analysis, business models, recent trends and developments and future outlook of the mobile money Industry at the global and regional level. The report also entails a detailed description of the prominent and emerging geographic markets of the region including China and India.

Mobile money is an emerging concept in the global market which represents a profitable opportunity with a massive social impact by allowing customers to access services which can help them to effectively manage their day to day routines. The concept of mobile money or mobile payment revolves around utilizing the mobile phones to transfer money and make payments. The mobile money industry across the world has been continuously growing and expanding across various regions. The global mobile money market was estimated to be USD ~ billion, in terms of value of transactions. The massive increase in the payments, remittance and banking value is anticipated to be driven by Asia-Pacific region, with countries including China and India.

Asia Pacific accounted for the highest number of mobile payment users worldwide, followed by Europe and North America. Consequently, the region also noted the highest share in the transactions being operated through mobile devices, which was registered at 71.2%. Moreover, Asia-Pacific has continued to lead the market for mobile payment adoption in the world owing to the supportive policies of the governments in various nations and rapidly growing mobile phones subscriptions which has extended the services to even lower strata of the society.

The mobile payments market in Asia Pacific region is relatively varied and highly fragmented. The mobile money industry in China has showcased a magnificent growth over the span of last few years. India has an evolving landscape in terms of mobile money. The market is characterized with a huge fragmentation observed in the number and nature of services provided. Japan was the pioneer country which has had a long history of mobile payments. Japan and South Korea were amongst the leading nations for the adoption of mobile payments in the world and in Asia, owing to presence of most developed mobile cultures.

The share of mobile banking and card payments has however declined in the past years, owing to the increasing influx of players introducing mobile wallet services. Over the past years, many mobile wallets have been launched by various players such as telecom companies namely: Airtel Money (India), Smart Money and GCash (Philippines) and third party providers; for example, Alipay. Lakala, Tenpay (China).The transactions value for mobile payments and m-wallet industry in Asia pacific is expected to reach USD ~ billion by the end of 2019. The industry size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 174.8% over the period of 2009-2019. The maximum growth is to be reflected by China and India.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

– The market size of the Global Mobile Money Market by Transaction Value- Global Market Segmentation by Geographies covering Asia Pacific, Africa, North America, – The market size of the Asia Pacific Mobile Money Payment Market by transaction value- Market Segmentation of Asia Pacific mobile money market by source of funding, remote and proximity payments and purpose of payments- Market Size of China Mobile Money Industry by Volume, Value and number of Customers of Mobile Banking and Third Party Providers- Market Segmentation of China Mobile Money Industry by different channels of payments and consumer and enterprise payments- Competitive Landscape and Market Shares of major companies- Market Size of India Mobile Money Industry by Volume and Value of M-wallet, Mobile Banking and mPOS markets- Market Segmentation of India M-wallet Industry by open, closed and semi-closed wallets and consumer and enterprise payments- Company Profiles and Market Share of Major Players in India Mobile Money Industry- Overview of Mobile Money Industries in Japan, South Korea and The Philippines– Trends and Developments, Business models and Value Chain Analysis- Future Outlook and Projections of Asia-Pacific and Global Mobile Money Industry

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