BenQ announces its newest 4K laser home theater projector, W5800

BenQ has been in the projector business for a long time and they make some really great devices. Now, the company has announced a new 4K laser home theater projector aimed at those seeking outstanding picture quality.

Featuring BenQ’s exclusive CinematicColor and new HDR-Pro technology, the W5800 is a true 4K UHD projector with 8.3 million pixels that offers the best color accuracy with enhanced visual details as the only 4K home cinema projector to achieve 100% DCI-P3. Here’s what the press release had to say about this new BenQ 4K laser home theater projector.

With the ability to project up to a 200-inch screen, the projector is a must-have for home theater enthusiasts looking to upgrade their home theater room. Individual factory calibration reports assure 100% Rec. 709 Delta E<2, grayscale tracking Delta E<2 and optimized DCI-P3 color table for true Hollywood colors. Equipped with BenQ’s new HDR-Pro, the W5800 offers enhanced dynamic contrast through various technologies.

BenQ announces its newest 4K laser home theater projector, W5800

Blue Laser Dimming and Dynamic Black Technology increase contrast range in HDR mode, making light and dark scenes more dynamic and vivid. Similarly, the new projector is programmed with BenQ’s new Local Contrast Enhancer to automatically adjust the gamma for each independent scene, improving 4K HDR imagery. In addition, the new HDR10+ technology adds dynamic metadata to HDR10 source files, which is used to optimize each frame of the HDR video.

As projection distance and placement varies from screen to screen, the W5800 features an HDR brightness function that allows for customized brightness levels depending on the projection size. Additionally, the W5800 includes Filmmaker Mode, which supports 24P playback that accepts high-definition sources at 24 fps without judder in HDR mode to preserve the purity of the original image.

Intended for home theaters, users can experience short-distance projection on a 150-inch screen with W5800’s 1.6 big zoom that allows for an immersive cinematic experience from just 16.6 ft (ca. 5 m) away. For those unable to properly center, or connect the projector to their ceiling, the W5800 has a 2D lens shift (vertical 土 50% and horizontal 土 21% max.) that allows for users to shift the projector without risking visual resolution.

“The W5800 captures the essence of display with our CinematicColor technology, guaranteeing that colors are accurately reproduced as presented,” said Houston Wei, senior director of BenQ North America. “BenQ is thrilled to deliver an unparalleled experience by creating an immersive and captivating experience for our users with a projector that achieves 100% coverage of DCI-P3 color gamut with CinematicColor and HDR-PRO technologies.”

The W5800 is $5,999 and is available to order from BenQ and B&H Photo now.