Best Operating System For Mobiles

Mobile phone these days are not just devices used to make and receive calls. They are much more than that. They can calculate, organize, help you surf the web, take pictures, edit excel files and much more. If you want your cell to be able to do that and do it efficiently you have to make sure it has the best operating system for phones. Of course, when you buy a cell you analyze the price, the features and probably the design of the device. These are obviously very important but maybe even more important is the software that runs it all.

You are surely aware of the differences between Windows, Linux and Leopard OS but to be able to choose the Best operating system for mobiles you have to be familiar with Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android or iPhone OS. These all have strong and weak points and will allow you to use specific functions or not.

Most cells come with a preinstalled own OS and according to this you may buy the phone or not. For example the iPhone has the iPhone OS which is a specially designed OS derives from Mac OS X and some people consider it the Best operating system for mobiles although it can only work on the iPhone. This OS is very user friendly and allows multi-touching manipulation and you can download and use up to 100000 specially designed applications from the internet. Windows mobile 6 comes with a set of standard applications like calendar or notes and lets you synchronize Microsoft Outlook or Word and Excel files. It also has multimedia functions and lets you install any mobile software you want.

The Blackberry OS is considered the Best operating system for mobiles used for business purposes as it has all the application needed in that respect: email, calendar, instant messaging, internet browsing, data transfer and it still has multimedia support. The Symbian OS can look different from cell to cell as it is usually designed for a specific hardware. The Android OS is derived from the Linux Kernel and it is a flexible OS with a lot of features. It is also quite fast.

You can’t really choose the best operating system for phones. You should choose the best one for you. It depends on the kind of features and functionalities you value the most. Windows mobile is the most preferred and common system, Blackberry is for email fanatics, iPhone OS is perfect is you want a slick to the point OS and Symbian and Android can do almost anything. Ask the sales advisor what each system can offer and decide if it is the right for you.