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Many people consider education boring. Such a feeling arises because people are imparted the knowledge in a wrong way. Most of the education techniques used today try to force information into one’s head. Landmark Education does exactly opposite to that. It tries to make the whole education process very enjoyable. That is what I have learnt by going through the blogs of Landmark Forum program. Leaders and tutors of Landmark Education describe techniques used in Landmark Education program to make the whole experience entertaining yet enlightening. Through blogs on Landmark Education program the leaders are trying to tell us what we can gain from participating in the program.
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The course is sure to add a lot of positivity to my life and will give new strength to fight my weaknesses. All this sounds very philosophical but I am sure anybody who takes up the course will turn a new leaf. I have found the nearest Landmark Education center from the website and I plan to embark on journey of a lifetime. I would recommend such blogs to anyone who wishes to sniff the course before taking it up.