California Loan Modification Fraud Lawyer Foreclosure Consultant Fraud Attorney – Damages For Scams, Ripoffs, Frauds And Statutory Violations

Construction Loans for Modular Homes

A true modular home or sometimes referred to a system built home is a custom built home, built in a factory out of the weather compared to a stick-built home constructed on site.

Advance fees inadvertently collected after October 11, 2009 must be refunded. If you already entered into an agreement with a licensed real estate broker for loan modification or other mortgage loan forbearance services prior to October 11, 2009 and that broker had received a “no objection” letter from the California Department of Real Estate, they are permitted to continue providing those services to you according to the terms of the contract. Known as Foreclosure Consultants, some, if not many of these services and the persons whom they employ may be acting in violation of the strict regulations in California which regulate this growing industry. Keep in mind, that there is some overlap between foreclosure consultants and loan modification services.

California Civil Code Section 2945 regulates foreclosure consultants. There is an additional requirement with respect to loan modification services, as discussed below.

First, no foreclosure consultant and no real estate licensee is allowed to collect any advance fees for services as a foreclosure consultant once a Notice of Default has been recorded against your property.

Eighth, it is a violation for the foreclosure consultant to charge any fee or interest which exceeds ten percent per annum of the amount of any loan which the foreclosure consultant may make to the owner.

Among the services foreclosure consultants are known to offer, legitimate or otherwise, are to stop or postpone foreclosure sales, obtain forbearances from beneficiaries and mortgage companies, assist in getting reinstated, obtain extensions of time, obtain waivers of acceleration clauses, assist in obtaining loans and advances, avoiding or ameliorating the impairment of the owner’s credit, saving the home from foreclosure, and assisting in obtaining the remaining proceeds from the foreclosure of the residence. If a foreclosure consultant promises any of these services, he or she is bound by Civil Code Section 2945 discussed above.

Representatives of foreclosure consultants must be bonded real estate licensees. If the foreclosure consultant performs any activities which include negotiating loans or performing services in connection with real property loans, the consultant must also be a real estate licensee.

A real estate broker cannot collect an advance fee under California Business and Professions Code Section 10026 unless the broker has submitted to the California Department of Real Estate an advance fee agreement for approval.

If you’ve been the victim of a real estate, business, loan modification or foreclosure scam or fraud, be sure to hire a law firm with experience in loan modification, foreclosure and real estate fraud in California and who will endeavor to ensure that your rights are properly represented.