Facebook privacy tips and hints: How to guard your credit rating and your identity from theft on Facebook

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Different credit card companies offer different pay back amount of to their customers. At times these credit cards are offered to those with low credit rating, with the intention to help them rebuild their credit, so take your pick.

Learning About Cash Back Credit Cards: Good or Bad Idea?

Protecting your credit rating from being white-anted because of online identity theft has become an increasing concern of Facebook users recently. Here are my tips for protecting your privacy on Facebook, and prevent your credit rating suffering because of identity theft.

Facebook privacy tip # 1. Never use your full name.

Facebook privacy tip # 2. Use your nickname and family name.

Never give your middle name. If your real friends know you as your nickname, use that nickname as your first name online.

Facebook privacy tip # 3.

Facebook privacy tip # 4. Never use a Passport photo as your Facebook image.

Facebook privacy tip # 5. Don’t use your real home address.

Your Facebook “friends” and Facbook don’t need to know your real address.

Facebook privacy tip # 6. Your Real friends will know your actual birthday, and your facebook friends can celebrate your “second” birthday.

Facebook privacy tip #7.

Never show or discuss your social security number, your tax file number, your credit card numbers, your pin numbers or your bank account numbers online.

Facebook privacy tip # 8 Never trust Facebook for keeping your confidential information private.

Facebook’s policies may change and errors can occur.

Facebook can be fun and private at the same time, without endangering your credit rating.