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Financial Advisor Online personal finance planning advice & tips

If you are an experienced online marketer you will already have a feel for what works for you. If you are starting out, I recommend you read our starting online section and check out the Home Based Business Opportunity Listings, then make a decision to DO SOMETHING. It may turn out to be one of those “learning experiences” or it might surpass your wildest dreams. You won’t know until you try ! 

The following are notes regarding a number of home based business income opportunities I have researched or actively promote. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries regarding the material here.  

These home based business income opportunities have been chosen with the following in mind:

I am building residual income. Once someone sees what they like and joins under me, I must get some reward for their efforts and those of the people they recruit.

Each home based business opportunity must be complimentary to the other. This means by focusing my efforts in any program I will in effect be growing the others as well. It also means that anyone who joins one program will find benefits in the others I promote.

The program must work. The company must do what it says it will do and must pay on time. Their website must have high availability.

The company must actually do something. While I focus my efforts on selling the business opportunity, the company must sell advertising or sell touch and feel products or whatever. In my experience companies which don’t fit this requirement don’t hang around for long.

I must feel proud to represent this program. Comments in forums and with existing members I have corresponded with must be positive.

There must be a good chance that people I refer to the home based business opportunity will succeed. A the end of the day I want the people I work with to be successful too.

The cost of joining must not be more than $30 per month. If its higher than that the number of people will sign up for paid membership is reduced.Visit here Today