Hire Or DIY Data Recovery?

First, we can say could of, would of, should of that you really needed to backup on a regular basis.  A lot of good that’s going to do you now that you have had a data crash and fear you have lost all your data.  Losing data is like losing weight, only one you have most likely tried to lose while the other you hoped you never would.  Chin up, there are some things you can do to try and recover lost data.  It’s probably important to make this statement now, get it out of the way and then move on; seek help.  Find a reputable firm that specializes in salvaging data from a variety of mediums.  Be careful to choose a good firm with strong references and get a quote for services before you hand over the goods.  Be wary of people that claim to recover 90% or greater of your data, those numbers are just too high and not realistic.

Let’s assume for this article that you actually do know you have had some sort of failure and can pinpoint the media as a hard drive failure.  Let’s also assume you have a belief you are the next coming of MacGyver and think you can fix it yourself.  What are some of the possible ways you can go about this? You can get programs that are freely available that can assist you in recovering your data.  Some of these programs are available as freeware and downloadable from the internet.

These programs can help you in the recovery of lost data without the need for hiring an expensive firm. 

Consider looking on the Internet for tools that will assist in data recovery, for that matter download.com is a great place to find many free or trial tools.  As a side note, and probably a good add on article beware of the potential for security issues when downloading from sites like this.  It can be a haven for evildoers. 

Do it yourself data recovery isn’t for the faint of heart.  If your data is absolutely critical and recovery is paramount than weigh the cost of losing the data versus hiring a professional to recover it.  If the data is not that critical and you can afford to lose it than by all means try it on your own.

If you are unsure consider asking around to industry professionals to gauge their opinion of what you should do.  My guess is they will overwhelmingly vote to hire a professional.

Consider all the possibilities when you look to recover lost data and you will ultimately be a lot happier.  There are many affordable ways to recover lost data, but those ways may not ultimately lead to the best results.