If Odysee is correct, YouTube ad blockers may soon never work again

Ad blockers have been a thing for a very long time, and Google knows this and has been battling ad blockers for years. Google has managed to prevent ad blockers from being used, but most developers have been able to get around them. Now, developers may be defeated, if Odysee is correct in its assessment.

Odysee is an open source video platform that prides itself on not having ads and being an alternative to YouTube. The company took to 𝕏 tonight to post that users of ad blocking software will be disappointed in the near future.

Here’s what the post from Odysee says“Ad blockers will not work against YouTube videos anymore because the ads are inserted into the actual video file! Please help us get the word out that creators should upload directly to Odysee in order to maintain viewing integrity for their community”

Some users responded that Brave Browser still blocks ads on YouTube, while others responded still that their Brave Browser ad blockers were no longer working. It’s very difficult to tell right now how accurate this information is. But we see no reason why Odysee would lie about this.

For now, Brave Browser is working for some and not for others. We shall see what happens in the following days and weeks with this situation.