Implementing Google Apps in Your Web Host

In the midst of the ever evolving web hosting industry, customers or website builders would like to get on the internet with their website to make a presence in the huge world of the internet. Many would like to begin by choosing a free web hosting option.

Today, Google provides a simple and easy way to create you own website and have it available for search in Google with their Google Apps. Google Apps is a web based application that allows users to build, maintain and upgrade when you feel the need to. It is very simple to operate because it does not require any server maintenance at all. All you have to do is to upload your content and it will be ready for visitors to see.

By using Google Apps, you could serve the application from your own domain or have it served with a free domain name from domain. It is free to use Google Apps. All you need to do is to sign up and you are good to go. By using the free account, you will get up to 500MB of disk space. As for the bandwidth, the exact amount that you will receive is undisclosed. However, the company does have a bandwidth claiming that they can provide 5 millions of pages being viewed per month.

The features that Google Apps provide are the ability to have a website hosted in a high volume environment with a huge amount of content. This is definitely a better option than any other free web hosting available in the market. They provide a complete support for the most common web technologies available today. They also have an automated scaling and load balancing function, authentication system for authorizing users and a local environment which easily run the simulation of the Google Apps on your PC.

Google Apps provides a Datastore function which works like the mySQL. It is data service distribution for search engine as well as other transactions. With your data expanding, this Datastore will also expand. This data is not an average database because the data objects in it will have a specific filter and properties. Therefore, when search query is done, your properties will match to the specific search more efficiently.

The Datastore also includes the Python API that allows modeling and interface. This function can be use to define your entities to match a certain structure of data. However, the Datastore system does have a few disadvantages because it only supports Python programming language. Increased efforts have been put by Google to make it available for more scripts in the near future. This limitation will proof to be a negative issue for skilled programmers because they have limited sources to build the ideal website which they want to build. Another problem is the frequent Internal Server error that many users have to put up with. This problem apparently has a connection with the problem of hosting under your own domain name. Based on reports, Google does not provide a satisfactory answer or solution regarding the reason for these common problems.

In any case, this free web hosting provided by Google Apps is only at its beginning. You can say that it is on preview status or testing period. Eventually, they will launch paid hosting plan for the customers to stay in competition with the aggressive market in this industry.