Redefine Technology With Prostar

ProStar, the leaders in mobile technology is much accredited universally for its proficiency in designing the best gaming laptops and developing the highly innovative features, technologies and configurations that provide maximum efficiency at affordable prices.  Founded in 1992, ProStar is recognized globally for catering to individual needs and offering solutions to businesses by giving them the access to in vogue mobile technology and assistaning it with quality services. In the last eighteen years, ProStar has made a lot of standing and name by impeccably meeting the customers’ hopes with the utmost degree of accuracy and carefulness.

The custom laptops and notebooks designed by ProStar entail brilliance in terms of speed, versatility, performance and flexibility and give a tough competition to their desktop counterparts and many a times surpass them with ease.

The excellence of ProStar in the chosen field of endeavor is reflected by the countless titles it beholds, as that of being a Premier Channel partners with Intel, gold certified partner with Microsoft, and commercial relations with NVIDIA,  ATI, Hitachi,  AMD, Seagate and Teac, just  to name a few.

ProStar’s ties with ASUS has redefined technology by designing such power machines that are the fastest, the meanest and the hottest in the entire fraternity of laptops. The ASUS gaming laptops are the best affordable option available in the market that comprise of sheer brilliance in terms muscular processing power, lighting fast speed, huge storage memory, sleek eye-catching design, unique cooling and noise dampening technology, comfortable keys, gorgeous graphics, high definition wide screen display, awesome sound quality, long living battery, light weight, two year global hardware warranty and North American accidental damage protection. These entire unique features available at affordable prices make ASUS laptops the best in their category.  

Several models of ASUS laptops in varying configurations are available at ProStar. Some of the most in-demand models are G73JW-A1, G73JW- PS1, G73JW-ROG, G53JW- A1. These laptops make the best ASUS gaming laptop range that guarantee an exhilarating gaming experience with unmatched speed and performance. All these models of ASUS laptops are in stock only at ProStar and can be conveniently bought online or by calling at 1.888.576.6776. All the ASUS gaming laptops come with free goodies and gifts like free UPS ground shipping, free upgrades, free IC Diamond Thermal compound, free gaming laser mouse, back packs and dog tags. The details of these offers can be availed at

So let yourself be a little spoiled this season with the best ASUS gaming laptops at the same time enjoying mind-blowing gaming experience, unmatched performance and free goodies and all this at affordable price.