Salary For CCNA

CCNA exploration, discovery, security or CCNP certification helps a network engineer to get a very good salary. It also helps a it professional to get good job. A Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA exploration, security, discovery) has a great opportunity to earn a lot of salary. In USA network professionals or network engineers get high salary jobs.

A CCNA or CCNP certified Network Engineer earns about $50,908 to $74,753 per year. Where the Sr. Network Engineer can get about $72,177 to $97,977 salary per year. Also an Information Technology (IT) Manager gets about $61,414 to $92,853 per year. A Network Administrator of IT gets $40,408 to $60,440 per year. A Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) gets around $50,141 to $76,18 per year. In India a CCNA certified starts with 20000+ salaries. In Europe, CCNA certified professionals also get good salary.

High salary jobs are available for not only USA citizens. Every year a lot of IT professionals from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Philippines and from Africa get employment opportunities to USA. To get jobs as a network engineer in USA or Europe Cisco certification helps a lot. Many networking companies even do not accept application from the applicants who do not have any Cisco certification. So isn’t it better to have a Cisco certification to build a career in IT?

How to become a CCNA (exploration, security, discovery) and CCNP certified to get high salary jobs? To get a high salary job one must have a Cisco certification. To get a Cisco certificate you have to study CCNA. There are a lot of resources and materials free in internet. You can also find some websites where you can find CCNA exploration questions, study materials and networking tips and tricks free. A lot of training center is offering CCNA courses to the students. But it is really costly. Some of the training may cost $1000-$2000 per course. Those training centers are very good and Cisco authorized. But not everyone has the ability to pay $1000-$2000 for a course, especially the fresh graduates who do not have any source of income. Some free web resources and free e-books may help the students to pass the CCNA certification exams. Also Cisco gives the opportunity to use their online resources to the interested students. To get a high salary network professional job CCNA certificates will help you definitely.