Ways of Becoming Cisco Administrator

Do you dream of becoming Cisco administrator? Well, it is the dream that majority of IT aspirants see. Cisco certification means excellent career and great pay. You will have the option of working anywhere and in any leading company of the world. In short, possessing Cisco certification is like dream come true for anyone. You can even opt for freelance work. The specialization of Cisco administrators is building, maintaining, providing technical assistance and troubleshooting Cisco networks. The work of Cisco administrator is challenging and the pathway of getting Cisco certification is also not easy. However, if you have a good brain and you really have zest for computer engineering, you can surely become Cisco administrator.
First step of becoming Cisco administrator is getting degree in information technology or computer science. Majority of employers demand bachelor’s degree, however, there are administrators who possess just associate’s degree. Your efforts should be acquiring as many Cisco certifications as you can. The most lucrative job applications are from Cisco Network Associates. A good experience in areas of general information technology and technical support in school is a plus factor for becoming Cisco administrator. Internship is also a good thing.
You learn different concepts during schooling such as infrastructure, networking and technologies. You need to master the tactics of hardware installation, server operating systems and windows client. Practical knowledge is more important than just education and certifications. You should have good communication skills as well as interpersonal capabilities. You should be able to work in large team. Possessing good analytical skills will help you in identifying the root cause of problem in network and in troubleshooting and solving that problem.
Cisco administrators have good job outlook. It is expected that jobs in this field will increase by 53% by the year 2016. The average salary is expected to be $84000. Hence, it is a wise decision to contact some computer training institute and start your training for getting Cisco Certification.