What’s the Credit Score Needed For a Car Loan?

Credit scores can be broken down into a few categories:
* Prime
* Good
* Sub-Prime
* Bad
* Poor
So what is the actual credit score needed to get a car loan?
The answer isn’t quite that simple. Regardless of your credit, you can get approved for a car. It’s just a matter of using the right lender that fits your credit situation. You can get approved based on your income through special finance companies that offer their services online. There are real and legitimate lenders online that cater to helping people of all credit scores.
It depends on the lender…
There are lenders that specialize in working with people that have prime, good, sub-prime, bad and poor credit. Finding the right lender is all that you need to get approved. There is no direct answer to the minimum credit score for an auto loan. All lenders are different.
Fortunately, if you have bad credit, you can get approved for a new or used car and your payments are based on your monthly income. It’s very simple to obtain a car loan if you have a low credit score and getting approved with lenders that operate online is much faster than using a local bank, credit union or car dealership.
Believe it or not, new cars are just as easy to get if you have bad credit. It just depends on the make, model and the amount financed. If you can get approved easily for a $18,000.00 used car, it’s even easier to get approved for an $18,000.00 new car. The minimum credit score to get approved through special finance online is 480.