Zoho Invoice is Now Free to Empower Small Businesses


Taking any cost of the expense sheet for a small business is always a great thing. And this makes the announcement of Zoho Invoice being available for free even better.

Why, because this is a proven cloud-based invoicing solution with more than 30 real-time reports so you can easily navigate the billing and payment collection process. So, getting it for free means taking the cost of a valuable tool you use regularly of your expense sheet.

Zoho Invoice is Now Free

The move to make Zoho Invoice free comes as businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses, struggle to overcome the challenges of the past year and a half brought on by the pandemic. In short, this has some real-world repercussions for business owners across the country.

Priscilla Angel, Consultant at Ayers Painting, put it best, “When critical providers, like Zoho, empathize, understand, and take action to the needs of those small businesses they are directly supporting the economic and social growth of families and countries as a whole.”

Benefits of Zoho Invoice

  • Simplified billing: Businesses can create and send fully customized, professional invoices within minutes. Invoices can be sent automatically if they are recurring in nature.
  • Tax Handling: Businesses can track US sales tax or Canada’s GST levied on every transaction with tax summary reports to assist with tax filing.
  • Streamlined payment collection: Payments can be collected quickly and securely online through ACH, Debit/Credit Cards, and PayPal.
  • Automated payment reminders: Based on customizable settings, the system will automatically send payment reminders to customers through email.
  • Effortless expense tracking: You can record expenses automatically by scanning the bill or receipt using the Zoho Invoice mobile app.
  • Client portal: Businesses can allow their customers to keep track of all relevant invoices, projects and make payments through the client portal.
  • Time tracking: Businesses can manage multiple projects, track time, and accurately bill their customers.
  • Instant reports: Businesses have access to 30+, real-time reports that provide insights into key financial metrics. This includes best-selling products, invoice statuses, pending payments, and more.
  • Mobile apps: Zoho Invoice is available on the web or as a fully functional, downloadable mobile app available for all devices.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Invoicing

Optimizing your invoicing process makes your business more efficient and it allows you to better see your revenue. First and foremost, invoicing prompts payment from your clients. And it reminds them of the goods you have provided as well as the work you have completed. Moreover, invoicing is a great tool for keeping records of your activity. Finally, invoicing gives your company and brand a professional image.

So, what is the downside of using invoices? It all comes down to having ineffective processes and wrongly using tools. If you have a solution you can deploy easily with a range of tools to address your invoicing needs, this won’t be a problem.

Zoho Invoice is a fully customizable invoicing solution that simplifies billing, plain and simple. Since its launch in 2008, millions of businesses have used it to address this part of their business operations. And you can now get it for free.

Raju Vegesna, Chief Evangelist at Zoho, explains why the company made this move. Vegesna says, “Our roots are centered around helping the SMB community which has supported Zoho from the beginning. And we understand the challenges that SMB’s have had to undergo that were onset from the global pandemic. We hope offering Zoho Invoice for free continues to help businesses rebuild and grow among challenging times that they face today and for the future.”