2009-2010 Mortgage Interest Rate Predictions

Predicting mortgage interest rates can be tricky. We do have some good information to work with though and make a good prediction. Here are my 2009 and 2010 mortgage rate predictions, and how I made them:

Early in 2009, home mortgage interest rates were around 4.69% for a standard fixed rate 30 year mortgage. These were some of the lowest recorded interest rates in history, and homeowners across the country saw the low rates and took advantage by refinancing or loan modification. Mortgage lenders and banks became flooded with applications from all types of homeowners, and had to do something to slow down the massive amount of paperwork that was piling up. A mortgage rate increase of .5% took effect around May of 2009, which was expected. I thought this would happen as a way for mortgage lenders and banks to catch up with the already filed applications.

This rate increase was minimal enough to still allow truly struggling homeowners a chance to refinance, but enough that homeowners just looking to save money, with no real financial hardships, held back on applying until rates were lower again. This rate of 5.19% is still low enough to help homeowners save themselves form defaulting on their mortgage, or being foreclosed on and losing their home. This is still a good rate to refinance or get a home loan modification. So right now, a typical 30 year home loan will have a 5.19% fixed interest rate. This is where my predictions come into play.

I predict that mortgage interest rates will again be lowered to their prior lows of around 4.69%. This will be sometime around the middle of October this year and should last until April 2010. October of this year will be just about when mortgage lenders and banks catch up with the prior applications, and be ready for a new wave. If you can wait a little you should, however if you are risking your home or finances, take action now.