2010 trends for foreign direct investment into India

Almost every night on the news there is something about the mortgage industry, foreclosures, loan modifications, refinances, etc. A consumer can contact a mortgage broker, or they can go to a direct lender.

Advantages of a Mortgage Broker

The number one reason is that the mortgage broker can shop around for the consumer to find them the best home loan with the best lender at that time. If a consumer uses a good mortgage broker, this advantage can really benefit them in the long run.

The salesperson will often know their company’s home loan products much better than a mortgage broker since the salesperson only works with one Lender, their employer.

Disadvantages of a Mortgage Broker

If the consumer can find a good mortgage broker that knows many different home loan products with many different lenders, then the consumer will have an invaluable resource for getting their loan done right the first time.

Direct Lenders only provide one set of home loan products. If a consumer doesn’t qualify for any of the Direct Lender’s home loan products, then the consumer may be forced to go find another Direct Lender or Mortgage Broker on their own.

Mortgage Brokers Vs Direct Lenders