6 Hot Tips To Help You Sell Online

Are you struggling to sell products online? Do you want to sell products online, but don’t know how? We were able to not only to sell products online successfully, but we were able to replace my wife’s income with our online store. Here are a 6 great tips that helped us to succeed online. (This list is not an all inclusive list.)

Learn Coding – When I first tried starting on online business, I paid a guy $200 to create a junky two page website. From that point on, I realized that I needed to learn coding myself. I went out and bought an HTML book. Now I can code an entire site myself and all it costs me is my time. You don’t have to know HTML or PHP to have an online presence, but knowing the basics will make life much easier for you and will save you money in the long run.

Gain Graphic Skills – Knowing at least a little bit about graphics can help you tremendously. An ugly site is like a gas station that is scarcely lit in a bad neighborhood. You will pass up that gas station and ten others just to find the well lit gas station with the slushy machine. If you are on a tight budget, I suggest starting out with a program like Gimp. I call Gimp the poor man’s PhotoShop. You can do just about the same stuff with Gimp as you can with PhotoShop. You can find a ton of Gimp tutorials on YouTube.

Learn How to Market – When I first started my online store, I began to frequent search engine optimization (SEO) forums. I slowly learned how to get traffic to my site. Our site made over $32,000 a year and our only form of marketing was SEO that didn’t cost us a dime. There are other ways to market, but I prefer the cheap/free way of SEO.

Find a Good Product – You may have all the marketing skills in the world, but if your product has no profit margin because of a flooded market you will never make anything. Stay away from knick knack dropshippers! Finding a niche product that people want is the key to selling online.

Don’t ever give up – You would think I was Thomas Edison with all the different sites that I tried to start. The key was that I never gave up. I finally found a great product to sell. I learned through the years what to do and not to do. I stuck with it, and then I made cash.

Have Great Customer Service – If you treat your customers right, they will keep coming back. Not only will they keep coming back, but the will tell their friends about you. You can’t get any better advertising than word of mouth.

That’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to check out my other articles, my blog, or my new ebook for more information.