Actio Launches Comprehensive CMS Solution

Actio Launches Comprehensive CMS Solution

Hampton, NH (PRWEB) June 16, 2004

Actio Corporation today announced the completion of a new web site that melds their portfolio of solutions into a cohesive chemical management solution (CMS) designed to manage each stage of the chemical lifecycle.

The Actio CMS portfolio is delivered as an application service provider so client companies can immediately install and begin to realize a return on their investment. Each module can be accessed as a standalone product, however when combined, they form an enterprise wide solution that optimizes the chemical supply chain by managing the flow of chemicals into and throughout the organization. This unprecedented coordination provides more corporate control while significantly reducing the purchasing and handling costs of chemicals.

“With the introduction of Actio Gatekeeper and the launch of the new web site, Actio can offer industry and govenment the first web based CMS system that is chemical company vendor neutral” stated Russ McCann, President of Actio, “the Actio CMS system provides superior coordination between remote locations of the enterprise enabling information coordination and increased control over all stages of the chemical lifecycle”.

The backbone of the CMS system is Actio’s MSDS Vault, a continuously updated library of close to 1,000,000 manufacturer material safety data sheets stored as unstructured data. The data contained in the MSDS is used to provide the information used by the other portfolio components of the Actio CMS platform for prescreening, tracking volatile organic compounds or reporting on chemical usage.

For companies focused on achieving ISO 14000 goals or measuring performance based on sustainability and “best practices”, the Actio chemical management solution forms a comprehensive environmental information management system that enables cost effective analysis and management of the issues contributing to the triple bottom line.

About Actio Corporation

Since 1996, Actio has been helping companies and millions of their employees, in a wide range of industries, cost-effectively manage the complexities surrounding the use of chemicals in the workplace. Actio is a leading provider of chemical management solutions delivered as an ASP (application service provider). Our chemical management portfolio manages all phases of the chemical life cycle, enables corporations to use a “best practices” approach to chemical handling and manages the regulatory requirements surrounding the use of chemicals in the workplace. For more information about Actio Corporation, visit

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