Best Choices For Health Careers Today and Tomorrow

The health sector is a very crucial one for humanity. “Health is Wealth” as the saying goes. It is expected that about four millions jobs will be created in the health sector by the year 2012. That makes the health sector a very lucrative area for those who are looking work. There are many career choices that could be made in the health sector. Here are some of those that may interest you.

The first and the most recognized health professional in the health sector is the physician. Most people who have the ambition of working in the health sector dream of this job. There are many areas of specialization in this career. There are people who specialize as surgeons, gynecologist, oncologist, neurosurgeons, etc. The starting point for all physicians is general practice. However, there are people who deliberately choose to remain in general practice for the rest of their career lives.

To become a physician you need to go to through four years of post college education. Those who want to specialize will have to go through further relevant post qualification training. Doctors are well paid because much of the task of health delivery depends on them. They are the main brain behind health delivery. A doctor in the US earns about $150,000 on the average. The figure is higher for those who are specialists.

The second most recognized health professional is the nurse. Wherever there is a health delivery, there are nurses. They are the main allies of doctors. The work of the nurse is to take care of patients. They administer treatments prescribed by the doctors. There are different levels of nursing. There are registered nurses who are simply referred to as RNs, and there are also licensed practical nurses or LPNs. To become a RN you will have to spend at least two years in training after obtaining your High School Diploma. On the average, the RN can earn about $100,000 a year while the LPN earns on the average $65,000.

The pharmacist is the next most known professional in the health sector. They are the people responsible for making sure that the right medicine prescribed by the doctor is given and in the right dosage. The work of the pharmacist and that of the doctor/physicians is complementary. If the doctor prescribes a medication, the pharmacist makes sure that it is rightly given. Without the pharmacist, health delivery becomes a risk. People don’t come frequently into contact with pharmacists, but they are critical to health delivery.

To become a pharmacist in the US you need a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This takes about four years after completing two years of college education. You need very strong backgrounds in chemistry, biology, physics and anatomy. You must pass a competitive entrance examination. Pharmacist earns between $100,000 and 120,000. There is also a signing bonus of between $5,000 dollars and $15,000 when you accept a starting position.

There are many other careers in the health sector but the three mentioned above are the best choices in the health sector.