Blogger New Post Window in Detail Part 1 | Guide to Your First Post

Now you are ready to write our first post in your blog. You can simply start Blogging by clicking on new post button on your Blogger Dashboard. If you like you can read more about Blogger Dashboard. In this post lets discuss about the new Post window and Blogger tool bar. Blogger tool bar is very simple. But there is every basic things that you want to create a quality Article. There are two sections in new post window. They are “Edit Html” and “Compose”. You can create your blog post by using just Html code. if you are better with Html and programming, you can use this mode. Default and easy way is the Compose mode. you can edit your Blog post like you working on Microsoft word. No coding skills needed. Now lets see what are the main items on New post window.
Now lets see details for each one. 

1. Blog post Title
You have to select a better title for your blog post. This will help your visitors to get an idea about your post and also it will help search engines to index your blog post at right category. Lets talk about SEO in another post. Only thing you have to do is choose a proper title which describes your article in detail.

2. Edit HTML
This is the section you can edit and design your Blog with Html and other scripting languages. if you are better with coding you can use this section. You gonna need this view even you are working with the Compose mode when you are going for advanced blogging.

3. Compose mode
This is the easiest mode to write blog posts. you don’t need any coding skills to work on this mode. If you are familiar with simple word processing software like Microsoft word, you can easily use this mode to design your blog post.

4. Undo Button
This button works same as in other softwares. you can revert the last change you added to the blog post. Think that you added a font color and you don’t like it. you can simply click on undo button to get the old look button.

5. Redo Button

After you undo a setting, if you want the previous view again, you can click on redo button 

6. Font Type
Blogger will allow you to create your blog posts with few basic and common font styles. most bloggers use those fonts because every operating systems have those fonts. if you like to use another font type you can add them in to your template and a download link to that font file. lets discuss it later. for now you can try with the given fonts. 

7. Font size
There are 5 default font sized added to the blogger tool bar.  just highlight your text and select a font size to apply it. if you want more sizes you can use

and other tags in Edit Html mode

8. Basic Formatting tools
High light any text and try those formatting. Bold , Italic , Underline andStrikethorough

9. Font Color
This will open a basic color palette. Highlight text and apply a color from this link.  
10. Text Background color
If you want to highlight a text block you can use Text Background color option. 

Read next post to read more about those settings and options with remaining button details….