Bob Edwards and His Effective Networking Strategies

Bob Edwards is not only known to be a successful microbiologist but is also highly considered in many different business sectors. Edwards was a founder of several successful companies that ventures on different industries such as financial services, networking, construction services, home improvement, direct and retail marketing, among others. Bob Edwards’s involvement in a number of business industries helped him to reach the top of any business industry. For more than twenty years of being in the industry, Bob Edwards was able to identify which of the different marketing approaches is highly effective in earning larger amount of profits.


As the Founder and the Chief Executive of Our World Network, Bob Edwards utilized his broad knowledge on the development of different marketing strategies. Because of this, he was able to use the unique and effective person-to-person approach in selling his products. This approach is very useful for the company and the clients as well since the information about the products are rendered to its clients personally. A person-to-person approach is performed by selling the products to the clients directly. This, by any means, will promote the brand exclusively and effectively. Likewise, misconception and the spread of wrong information will also be prevented because the sales teams are able to communicate to the clients personally.


As a consumer friendly company, OWN has devised a system that will not juts promote the products but will provide business opportunities for the clients. Because of the global recession, Bob Edwards realized that it would not be easier to sell the products in a market which is directly affected by the unstable economy. Edwards knew that only few customers can buy expensive products these days. Because of this, he made sure that OWN products will be a lot cheaper than any other products in the market. Likewise, he also designed a company program that will help its clients economically. There are only few business industries that are performing this kind of program for the reason that it is risky not only for the clients but also to the company itself. However, OWN has launched their company program called Brand Partners.


Brand Partners, according to Edwards, is the company’s program that will give several opportunities to its clients. As a company that renders sympathy to its clients, Our World Network is encouraging its clients to be one of the company’s Brand Partners. If a client will be accepted as a Brand Partner, he has the unlimited chance to improve not only the amount of his salary but also the quality of his lifestyle. Such opportunities include a number if incentives, travel allowances, car program, and leadership award. Aside from this, Edwards is providing a special set of package for Brand Partners who will be rated as high-achievers.