China is Proving to be Green

If there was anybody ever worried about the kind of policies that China followed or what their belief systems were as far as the environment and the earth is concerned, they can rest their doubts to ease because the country is spending more money than can be imagined to host the most expensive world Expo that has ever been held- the 2010 Shanghai Expo. This is also not just any ordinary Expo but it is one that is themed around sustainable development in a large sense as different countries and organizations have been invited from around the world to showcase whatever their latest Green and environmentally friendly technology is, and there are an estimated hundred and ninety countries who are already a part of this showcase. This kind of an Expo, not just themed as it is, but organized in such a huge manner and with the participation of so many nations, proves now the global standing and position of China as a powerful nation, maybe we can also start believing that the nation is also a concerned one?
This Expo has already begun as it was inaugurated with a lot of pomp and show with fireworks and thousand of musicians and dancers and performers from around the world at the end of April; however the most expensive Expo (also the largest multi media event ever o be organized) will also continue till the end of October giving enough time for all the showcasing, and also perhaps enough time to prove their point. The Expo has also been given a slogan- “Better City, better life” which goes more than well with all the celebrations that have been demonstrated already at the event in the initial few days itself, one can now hardly wait to see what else they might add to the event.