Compare Sirius and XM Satellite Radio

When it comes to satellite radio, your options are fairly limited. Since the conception of satellite radio in the United States, there have only been two satellite providers, XM and Sirius, which have competitors for years. However, many people will still find that there are a number of differences and options that will help you determine which provider is best for you.

In terms of channels, the options are fairly similar. To date, Sirius satellite offers approximately 125 channels while XM offers over 170 channels. Most of these channels include similar programming, like music, news, talk, sports, and entertainment. Furthermore, most satellite radio options that pertain to music come with commercial-free guarantees.

Besides the music, each network providers their own lineup of personality partners who host their own show. One of the more infamous hosts on Sirius is Howard Stern, although personalities like Eminem, Martha Stuart, Tony Hawk, Lance Armstrong, and Jim Breuer. On XM radio, you are likely to find Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Opie & Anthony, as well as many others comedians and entertainers.

Additionally, many people try to compare costs when considering their options. However, costs for service on a monthly, one year, and two year plan work out to be the same, regardless of which company you choose. The only difference in cost is if you plan to sign up for longer than two years.

The next item on your list of comparing satellite radio option should be the hardware required for each network. Generally, the only necessary equipment is the receiver, although customers always have the option of purchasing additional accessories, like car kits, external antennas, and more.

Typically, most people will find that the receivers for both XM and Sirius are similar in nature. The main difference in what you purchase will be what you plan to use your radio for in the future. If you plan to use it in multiple places, like your home and your car, you may consider a portable satellite radio while purchasing the home and car kits for easy installation and use.

Furthermore, if you would like to use your satellite radio as part of your home entertainment system, you can buy a receiver that will blend in with the rest of your equipment. Again, an antenna can be added for better reception.

Whatever your choice and whatever your requirements for the various radio options, the decision is completely up to you. No matter where you go or where you live, you can access your favorite satellite radio stations, either on your receiver or even online.