Downloads version for Free downloads

Downloadsversion is a website that provides all kinds of downloads right from free ones to those that cost a little and are not imitation software. Downloadsversion also has a hoard of categories that a user who decides to download can choose from. That is the case with this website which makes the life of the person browsing easy and renders fast and easy download.

Among the free downloads at Downloadsversion, all products from NBL are quite popular. NBL finance tool is a database driven software that is helpful in personal, small enterprise or big enterprise use to monitor and keep a healthy track on the financial matters that are a huge concern in modern times.

It keeps track of all transactions right from cash even to drafts and cheques.

NBL Product sale is another free download available at Downloadsversion which also is database driven software that is designed especially for soho or small to medium scaled companies to manage and track all sale processes right from production to advertise to quote and seal trades and receive sales order. This software has been a boon to many small enterprises that cannot spend so much money on expensive software purchase.
NBL Purchasing is a database driven software designed especially for the windows background. This also serves the purpose of serving the soho, small or medium based companies with monitoring every purchase right from quotation to receiving monetary bills and purchase goods. This valuable software is also being given for free at the Downloadsversion website.

NBL Invoicing, another excellent and most useful software for small/soho/medium based companies to monitor their invoices to issue quotations or receive sales orders or goods is being given away for free at the website, Downloadsversion.

Downloadsversion also offers FLV to Archos converter software for free using which all FLV videos can be converted into any other format like SWF or Archos videos. This software also enables the conversion from SWF/Archos to FLV format videos.

Also the FLV to iRiver converter that helps in the conversion of FLV formatted videos into iRiver or SWF format. This software can also do the reverse of the technique by converting iRiver back into FLV format. This is compatible with all versions of software and enhancements to the already existing ones can be done with the version of software that is available in Downloadsversion and this is available on the site for a free download.