Facebook Paid Advertising and SEO

What makes Facebook paid advertising better than SEO? Or is it the other way around: what makes SEO more advantageous to use for a fool-proof and cheaper online marketing campaign?

Have you got the answers to these queries? If you don’t, then you’re in luck because this article is going to give you a bird’s eye-view as to the various benefits of SEO and Facebook paid advertising so that in this way you become guided as to which tool to utilize in your next Internet advertising campaign or as something to reinforce your current operation.

The first advantage of Facebook paid advertising is it already has millions of potential leads mainly because of how it is a social networking website that caters to all types of individuals, from those without purchasing capacities to those with lots of monies to spare. Facebook makes it so much the easier choice for online businesses when it comes to selecting which websites to place their advertisements on.

Facebook has millions of members with a majority logging in on a daily basis. This only makes it more attractive to advertisers and marketing professionals.

SEO, meanwhile, is advantageous in that it is the ONLY advertising campaign that is capable of drawing targeted traffic to your website. Because of its targeted traffic, it must be quality ones that have the greater potential to be converted into actual customers – paying customers.

The second advantage of Facebook paid advertising has to do with the social networking site’s high advertising standards. The Facebook team makes sure that an Internet business’ advertisement complies with the website’s standards and that it isn’t something that could be fake or misleading to its millions of users.

This would be a complete disaster, thus, the Facebook management makes sure that advertisements on the website are authentic and of sound quality. Facebook is in turn assuring its users and visitors that Facebook advertisements are trustworthy and for real.

On the one hand, SEO becomes a good choice if one is trying to scrimp on expenses. It is said that SEO campaigns are the cheapest because you need not spend so much to be able to get maximum exposure of your website and your advertisements.

Both strategies however have good ROI results so one does not have to worry if you are doing the right thing or not because for sure there is profit whether one utilizes Facebook paid advertising or SEO. One could also mix-and-match both marketing techniques so that in this way one’s marketing campaign becomes so much the more effective.