Fighting Link Exchange Spam

The black days of link exchange started when someone invented the strategy to automatically surf the net, find contact forms on the sites of potential link partners and send via these contact forms spam messages “I am webmaster… sites are relevant… let’s swap links – it will help us both.” These beggy emails terrorize all site owners and definitely junk a very good idea of exchanging links.

Imagine, I have around 30 sites under my control – it’s not much these days – and to each of the sites via contact form I receive 2-10 link exchange spam messages. I don’t even say that they are irrelevant (people who use these solutions don’t have enough competence to think about relevancy). What I say is that even the number of link exchange spam to my sites is shocking: 2-10 spam messages a day to my 30 sites, wow this is 60-300 spam messages daily! And all these messages whine and beg to exchange links.

In my place, would you be able to pay attention to all these messages? I am not! I have more important things to do. I just don’t read them – these messages go to trash bin instantly.

I know it’s a hard truth for those who try to build links this way, but hey – I’d better tell you the truth now, rather than let you waste your time, efforts and money on such a super low effective method of link exchange.

And one more myth busting for those who trust the myth that they can customize/personalize their email message and this will save them the destiny of all other “link spammers.” Don’t kid yourself. With the amount of messages that I got and managed to view (because I delete around 80-90% of these messages instantly) over the last 3-4 years I saw ONLY ONE GOOD MESSAGE which attracted my attention and resulted in swapping link. And that was a very good business proposition for a very good site.

So, out of hundreds of link exchange emails that I was getting daily over years only one resulted in link swap! Nice conversions, aren’t they?

Surely I don’t doubt the advantages of automatic link building. But let’s be fair, most of automatic link building tools either don’t give you quality links or do not create quality, SEO-wise link exchange directory or simply spam. No wonder that link exchange gained a bad stigma these days.

Still, there is a very wise link building alternative. And this alternative is pretty much automated and uses a very smart approach. It’s not some magic pill that will give you tons of quality links within seconds. But you can check the concept and make your own decision.

So, the concept is pretty simple. We can suggest with very high probability that web sites which use special link building solutions are very apt to exchange links with quality, relevant sites. We can even find the pages where these sites want you to submit full details of your web sites as subject for links exchange. It’s the same to someone having special door for bringing milk to the house. Surely if you go to this door with your ‘milk’, no one can give you 100% guarantee they need milk at the moment. But at least this is better than throwing the bottle through the window!

Not to sound blatant I would ask to compare the conversions of using special doors for link building. I was testing conversions from doing link exchange using automatic site submissions for link swap and got from 40% ‘yes’ replies within one week up to 80% (that was the highest record that I did not manage to break up to now). And now compare it with the link exchange spam emails conversions when 90% of your emails are instantly deleted and out of the rest 10% no one knows if they will produce any effect.

With the strategy that I mentioned there seems to be one drawback – it needs much manual work. But I can prove than most of the processes can be automated. Pickling of relevant sites – can be automated, not easy to do that, but possible. Copying and pasting your site info into link exchange submissions forms and doing the same for your site – easily automated. Creation of link exchange directory with pages that have relevant content for each category – can be automated. Creation of RSS files and SEO-issues – can be automated. Backlink checking – can be automated. And many other important issues to this or that extent can be automated with no loss to quality.

That is why when you hear the next time that automatic link exchange gives poor results – agree with it, but bear in mind that it is because people don’t know many hidden doors that you know and can use. Strategy works and those who don’t trust will be greatly surprised to see my site on 1st page in Google inside a very tough niche. And I am not alone to get good results with this strategy – not so many of us, but this is better for you.

Don’t lose your hope in link exchange. Better learn more information about how link exchange works these days and the new rules of search engines about link building.