Go with a Change and Get your Website Audit

Change is all around us in the seasons, social environment and biological process. The very first breath we took as infants was a major adaptation from breathing in the womb; a major change.  Organizations are also encountering a wide variety of dramatic changes. Some are faced with regulation from the government, others experienced deregulation on their turf. Some find their market share dwindling down while others find themselves head-to-head with global competition. Change affects everyone so you cannot escape from it.  What you can do is adapt to change. Adapting to the ever persisting force of change is the only way possible for you and your business to survive in today’s competitive environment.

Business environment is crucial for the survival of an organization and it keeps on changing. As a result organizations have to accept these changes and frame its policies accordingly. One of the key drivers of business environment is Technology , which becomes obsolete at a very short duration. An Organization should keep itself updated and relevant to survive. In today’s market, the change which has become a key factor for the success of an organization, both domestic and international, is Internet Marketing.  Internet Marketing has provided a single platform to display all products to all people. Internet Marketing presents many tools to achieve customer engagement at different stages. One of the most important tools which companies adopt is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A smart strategy of SEO starts with an SEO audit.  For example, if you have a Website and you want to market your products but due to poor optimization of the website it is not ranking on the top pages of Search Engines such as Google and yahoo, your products will not be accessible to customers. This in turn affects your profitability.  So, the best thing you can do is contact an SEO service provider who can help by preparing an SEO audit report. An SEO audit report will identify the various areas  in your website which need improvement so your website becomes  more accessible to customers through search engines. BUT, how it is this done?:

How It is done :

• When the SEO campaign for a new client begins, it starts by conducting an in-depth analysis of their website and review of all elements that effect search engine positioning. During the process, both the optimization and pay-per-click elements of a website are reviewed.

The SEO TEAM will help you look at your website from four key perspectives:

1. Optimization for Search – On-Site Factors: Can search engines read your code? Do you use the most effective keywords?

2. Optimization for Search – Off-Site Factors: Are your back links bringing you quality traffic? Is your content worth linking to? Are you taking full advantage of your internal link potential?

3. Basic Usability: Can visitors reach your goals on your site? Is the navigation working?

4. Basic Accessibility: Can all potential clients get to your content? Does your website display correctly for mobile browsers, on older computers and for older visitors?

Importance : effective SEO Audit will identify your website’s key strengths and weaknesses. It is the recommended starter product for most of our new clients – it will help focus your attention to the easiest steps for improving your internet presentation and build an effective website, which informs, introduces or sells.