Google Reveals New Features, But What Does This Mean For The Technology Industry? AppsCare Attended The I/O Conference To Find Out.

UK – (PRWEB UK) 2 July 2012

London: Google announced several new features and updates at the I/O conference this week, many already expected but nevertheless still industry-moving announcements to keep the competition on their toes.

Google & IOS

Even after Apple went head-to-head with Google with their own version of Maps Google came out the bigger man. Providing Apple customers with a Chrome browser demonstrates Googles determination to provide the best technology to all mobile users, leaving playground squabbles aside. Google also announced a new Drive app, which is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Going Google

Perhaps the growing adoption of Google Chrome, which recently overtook Internet Explorer as the most used browser, has lead to an increase in the number of users going Google (a term Google coined, which means migrating to Google Apps). Then again, which came first the chicken or the egg? Either way, Google provided the most recent stats on the going Google campaign at their I/O conference this week, which currently stands at sixty-six of the top U.S. universities, government institutions in 45 out of 50 U.S. states and a total of five million businesses worldwide.

Google+ Events

Google+ Events attempt to spread life into before, during and post party. The new features include cinemagraphic themes for a beach trip, shopping day, or football game; the ability to attach a personalized video into invitations and unique animations to bring joy to the receiver. Party Mode allows invitees to share photos live, which could be projected as a live slideshow during the event. The photos, which are ordered chronologically, can also be browsed by: popularity, photographer, or photo tag. A Google+ member who creates the invitation can invite friends who arent users. By providing for non-members, it [Google+ Events] poses a much lower barrier than Facebook events, and should therefore attract more users. Ezra Gottheil, analyst at Technology Business Research.

Android Jelly Bean

Google also announced this week the launch of a new Android version, Jelly Bean. The new version focuses on ease of use with a new user interface and a faster, more natural Voice Search. Ask Google a question and it will deliver a precise answer, powered by Knowledge Graph. Google Now, Googles new service similar to Apples Siri finds a calendar item, for example, then calls up Google Maps to display the best route to reach the appointment and how long the journey will take. It might also learn from a users search history that he or she is a fan of the Chelsea FC, and could then display real-time scores for any on going games. Lets hope users in the UK dont face the same problems as Apple users when trying to use this service.

The question we have to ask ourselves is what is Googles current purpose? In which direction are they headed? Mobile? Social? Collaboration? Some may say Google is spreading itself thinly across too many platforms, others may say they have the ability to compete with the best, and now theyre showing it.

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