Great way to market yourself and your art

There’s no better way to express you individual style than by designing and wearing your own t-shirts. If you are one of those people that crave distinctiveness in your appearance then follow the simple steps I have included

1.         Be creative and don’t be afraid of standing out from the crowd

– Always be the change you want to see, so think outside of the box, don’t conform to the current trends and fashion that you are seeing.

2.         Join websites such as

Websites such as offers a perfect platform for people who strive for individuality. Based on crowdsourcing you are sure to influence more people than you expect.

3.         Register and choose a funky fresh username that will surely be remembered by viewers

– Having a name that stands out helps people remember and internal bookmark your work!

4.         Think of great new designs

– As mentioned before, don’t be afraid of being different and daring in your design choices

5.         Submit your designs

-Once you’ve created your master piece, don’t forget to submit your article to

6.         Get all your friends to vote on your design

– this is an awesome way of getting your family and friends involved with your activities as well as to show you support, like i always say, this is how you can see who is your true friends! Happy friend weeding!


8.         Wear your masterpiece

9.         And keep the fresh new designs coming!

10.       This way you’ll always be different from the rest

There you go! Quick simple 10 steps to follow to ensure your individualism! Who knows, you might be the next person to springleap your career!