Hard Disk Recovery Might Require Expert Recovery Services

Did you know, every data loss case cannot, and should not be handled by novice? Some data loss cases, especially the physical data loss cases need special handling from expert technicians with good number of years to backup their knowledge. The reasons behind this is that hard disks are very delicate and need careful handling, to protect data saved in them from getting lost permanently.

That is why these hard disk recovery cases are generally referred to specialized data recovery services companies, more so in cases where data backup is not maintained.

A hard disk is a storage media that may encounter data loss owing to various reasons that include spindle motor damage, system metadata structure corruption, accidental dropping of the hard disk, read/write head crash, formatting of the hard disk, actuator arm damage, failure of disk controller, user errors, malfunctioning of the operating system, file system corruption, virus infection, user errors and various similar situations. Apart from hard drive, there are other storage media that too are equally prone to data loss. These include USB devices, pen drives, iPods, memory cards,laptops, external storage devices, RAID arrays, SAN and NAS servers, and normal computer hard drives.

Different types of failure call for different methods of recovery, which may not be possible for all Disk recovery experts. Only a few companies offer specialized data recovery methods for different media for different causes of failure. Complex recovery methods are also required in some cases of data loss, some even calling for invasive recovery in sterilized environment of clean rooms, to ensure the hard disk is not damaged in such situations. To ensure that these failures do not hamper productivity much, a regularly updated backup is a must, in the absence of which a large number of man hours are wasted. But these are also instance where even regular backups fail to recover data. In such dreadful situations, one has to opt for recovery services.

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