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“To create the adda ambience-a joint where friends can meet together, enjoy music and drinks after a hard day’s work, was the basic idea of designing WTF”, explains shabnam. This chain of bar cum restaurants has become a range with young professionals in Mumbai. Currently, the two WTF, the first one at khar and second one at versova have been designed by the talented designer and there are six more WTF coming up at various areas of Mumbai . the youthful interior of WTF attract the younger generation for its easy out ambience that has been meticulously designed. Here the designed has successfully created an economical destination for the youngsters by working on a tight budget. Red walls, giant fibre bulbs, a super bar counter and memorabilia from yester year’s collection spread all across the walls are the signature style of WTF.the rustic look with dash of modern lends a hip-hop feel, resembling the countryside bars, has been successfully executed by the talented designer.

The 5-bhk adobe has an amalgamation of traditional Indian as blend of modern plush interiors, the blend of sandstone flooring, rustic colored walls with modern sleek create an outstanding ambience.

Shabnam gives a lot of credit to her clients and says, “every client contributes a lot while briefing. I am very fortune that our client have shown immense trust in what we have to offer them, while this trust may work in our favor but also it makes us more responsible not to let our client’ vision taken for granted. We put in our best all time and our dedicated staff work very hard to provide the best!”

Our dream and our hopes make us, break us and inspire us to live.

Three artists from Mumbai: neeta pathare, varsha are exploring the world of dreams, hopes and illusions through the exhibition titled: creams, hopes and illusion. The use of vibrant colours in these painting spread positivism and reflects the world. The exhibition is scheduled in Mumbai.

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