Inventory Management Software

You will find many software’s available in the market for inventory solutions. Some of these are free which you can’t trust with as you can find lots of bugs in it. The only one which can be trusted with our businesses will be branded software. If you compare all branded software you will find that each software has more or less the same features. The only change one can find is the user interface. So, on what basis we will be choosing our inventory software. It will be based on pure research about the software available for your specific needs.

I faced the same problem when I was looking for an Inventory solution. I researched online and found many options to choose from but I was not sure about the services they will provide. Some even provided with their demo version. The first look usually seals your deal.

If the user interface is not attractive and friendly no one will chose that software. One of my acquaintances referred me about similar software from Panoramic Universal. They had the best user interface from the lot which I have checked.  After downloading and implementing their trial version I found that every major operation was very simplified into the software. I purchased the software and now am reaping the benefits from it. It could handle a large number of data very easily. It gets integrated with other software which I used for other purposes for my business. To give a brief description about the software it contains modules related to sales, purchases and accounts. We can set the prescribed number of users authorized to use the software with defined privileges. The movement of every single item could be traced with this software. All sales return and purchase return could be recorded easily using this software. An additional feature which is integrated into the software is Price book module. We could have a bifurcation of every cost which includes cost to the company, maximum retail price, tax levied to the company and customer and current market price. Using price book module one can quote the price to prospective customers. You can upload the details of every personnel who deal in inventory and have access to the software.

The variety which I found in this software was the report module. This module helps in generating basic and customized reports including daily transaction report, purchase bill report, profit and loss statement and balance sheet. The software also features a dashboard which gives graphical representation of the inventory status. All warehouse data can be integrated in to this software. I can view individual reports of any location using this software. A list of suppliers and customers contact can be created in the software. This will help placing and executing order without any delays. This helps us to increase our productivity and thus revenue.

I’m having a lot more trust in my business ever since I bought this