Jewish Education Loans

Jewish education loans do not charge interest and are granted only to Jewish students from Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. These loans are given to students pursuing their post-secondary education at authorized universities. Apart from universities, these loans are also granted to Jewish students studying in graduate schools and vocational schools that provide a degree or certificate. Jewish education loans are generally given to students who have weak financial backgrounds. Students who have just immigrated and are not well settled financially, also apply for these loans.

There are certain eligibility requirements that have to be met before applying for Jewish education loans. The students must belong to the Jewish community and possess a U.S. citizenship. Jewish education loans are provided only to those students who belong to schools, colleges or universities that are approved or authorized by the State. The Jewish education loan fund gives more preference to undergraduate students than to graduate students. When students apply for Jewish education loans, the signature of either one of the parents, legal guardian or spouse is required. These loans are referred to as ?last dollar? loans, as they provide the students with the final costs required. The students applying for these loans must have a valid financial constraint and a good academic standing.

Money is often the issue that stops students from excelling in life. Many of them do not have the required finances to complete their education. Jewish education loans are a boon for Jewish students who cannot afford to complete their post-secondary education. Post-secondary education is important and without it, there are not many career options available for the students. These loans help the Jewish students to continue their education and pursue their dreams.