Malta’s allure for startups: Strong ecosystem and access to funding

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is exhilarating, but startups face numerous challenges. From crafting a solid business plan to assembling a skilled team and implementing targeted marketing, each step is critical. Yet, securing funding often emerges as the linchpin for success. In Malta, however, entrepreneurs find a supportive environment and unique advantages.

Access to Startup Assistance in Malta

Understanding the pivotal role of funding in ensuring startup success, Malta Enterprise, the government’s economic development agency, extends different funding packages and non-dilutive assistance. Entrepreneurs establishing their businesses in Malta may also gain access to EU funding, fostering research and development, talent acquisition, and collaborative ventures.

Beyond funding, a comprehensive suite of assistance awaits. From facilitating entry to world-renowned accelerator programmes to providing mentorship and advisory services, Malta nurtures startups at every stage. A dedicated team stands ready to guide entrepreneurs through the entire setup process, continuing to offer support along their business journey.

This robust support network not only creates new avenues for growth but also instils confidence in launching and thriving within Malta’s entrepreneurial landscape, serving as a catalyst for realising ambitious entrepreneurial dreams in a nurturing and conducive environment.

Malta’s Pro-Business Environment

With a robust startup ecosystem and a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, Malta stands out as an attractive destination. Boasting one of the EU’s fastest-growing economies, the island offers a pro-business environment supported by sound regulation and government policies. The use of English as an official language facilitates communication, while widespread 5G and free public wifi enhance connectivity. Malta’s strategic location, with easy access to Europe and the MENA region, further adds to its appeal.

Startup Residency for Non-EU Founders

For non-EU founders eyeing Malta, the Startup Residence Programme provides a streamlined path to medium-term residence. This programme, a collaboration between Residency Malta and Malta Enterprise, grants a 3+5-year residence permit. Open to founders, co-founders, core employees, and immediate family members, it ensures a smooth residency period, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their ventures. The minimum investment requirement is €25,000, offering long-term stability and visa-free access to Schengen countries.

Malta: A Safe Haven with an Island Lifestyle

Beyond its business-friendly environment, Malta offers a safe and vibrant place to live. Renowned for top-notch educational institutions and world-ranking healthcare, the island provides a Mediterranean lifestyle with a mild climate and hospitable locals. Moreover, Malta’s cultural scene, historic architecture, and diverse cuisine—from Mediterranean to Asian fusion and everything in between— further add to its charm.

All this should seriously whet one’s appetite enough to want to find out more about the opportunities Malta offers.

For additional details on the Malta Startup Residence Programme, please click here. For comprehensive information about Malta Enterprise initiatives and funding, kindly refer to: Start in Malta.