Microsoft China Has Revised Some Of The Software Products Services – Microsoft Office Software –

Co., Ltd. announced that from September 1, 2009 onwards, will be adjusted in the Chinese market Sell Some software products technical support services, to suit the customer needs for technical support services changing. Meanwhile, Microsoft also announced a number of online services platform and strengthen community initiatives, and provide a variety of self-help solutions. Adjusted in addition to technical support services for all Microsoft will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of genuine users and tailored services, more shows Microsoft has always advocated technical support from the traditional way of innovation to a more proactive, more timely and user-friendly direction development concept.

Microsoft based on past observations and data analysis found that in China, customers receive technical support are undergoing a significant change: In recent years, customers from the traditional service model, and gradually turned to for online services. Help and support to Microsoft’s Chinese website, for example, their access and use almost doubled in two years. Looking at the world, Microsoft’s customers access online platform for support and the proportion of successful problem-solving more than three-quarters. Based on the evolving trends in customer demand, Microsoft has optimized the system of technical support services to a variety of innovative online platform and tools combined with traditional telephone, mail and on-site, etc., for different types of users with customized services.

Microsoft’s technical support services the adjustment, including:
L for all users to launch Microsoft Knowledge Base document automatically embedded in the problem solving tools Fix-It, “Yi Collection “And” Xiao Yi blog “; and further optimize the Microsoft Help and Support Web site in Chinese.

L for individual users, especially new unlimited free online technical support community MicrosoftAnswers, and will be July 15, 2009 launched Simplified Chinese service; mainly based on individual users pay for the support price by the time 300 down to 150 yuan RMB.

L for professionals, upgrade TechNet, MSDN and Microsoft Cooperation Partnership (MSPP) online technical support group for the online technology news forum for more products to provide cover unlimited free technical support online forum

L since July 2009, the hot issue for a variety of techniques, partner support team will launch a series of remote interactive online training, remote lab operation, including the use of various advanced tools including a comprehensive upgrade partners technical support service capabilities. Qu Xiaodong, General Manager

CCW Research said: “With the popularity of Internet applications and in-depth, whether individuals or businesses, the choice of methods for software services, accompanied by a significant change. Microsoft to do this a technical support service strategy adjustment, introduction of more Internet-based, online support and services, which not only greatly increased the efficiency of the service will also enhance the user’s service experience. “

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Company also adjusted the retail boxed product, and volume licensing agreement means the technical support of products to enhance the retail box Windows, Office products comes with 2 times basic technical support services to the event for 90 days unlimited free technical support; cancel retail Packed server, development products and volume license agreement attached limited time based events or professional technical support services, recommends that professional clients in and use an unlimited number of TechNet or MSDN online forum technical support services. Microsoft will also maintain the system security, viruses and online updates Microsoft issues, and products within the mainstream support period unlimited free technical support service change; maintain the software upgrade to ensure the service comes with free technical support provision unchanged. The adjustment does not involve online services (WindowsLive), hardware, operating systems and mobile devices such as Microsoft Business Solutions products.