Grows Business With Customized VOIP and Hosted PBX services for its clients.

(PRWEB) July 02, 2012

Voice over internet protocol or VOIP is definitely the more efficient way to do business these days thanks to its countless beneficial calling features such as reporting and fax-to-email solution as well reliability., a leading computer consulting company headquartered in Vancouver, BC offers a hosted, customizable, cloud-based PBX system. One of our fastest growing segments is in the VOIP telephony systems, especially with growing companies that are interested in replacing their old hardware-based PBX systems with new VOIP-based systems, says President Bill White. With VOIP theres no costly setup or support expenses. Based on a monthly fee Vancouver-based has customers entire telephony system hosted on their secure servers.

Reputable companies are opting for VOIP services because the cost savings are huge and the advantages even bigger. Theres no major hardware to purchase, upgrade or maintain. Hosted PBX and VOIP applications create the highest levels of redundancy. Its less expensive than traditional T1-based PRI ownership, PBX features can be added at any time without replacing hardware and, of course, the greater calling features. Whats really beneficial to growing companies is the customized calling features that they cant get with a hardware-based PBX system. Our Vancouver IT consulting team have written a number of custom programs that plug into our PBX system such as fax-to-email and email-to-fax, says President Bill White. has unlimited possibilities when it comes to features, because they can actually program the feature if it doesnt exist. Best of all, this programming only takes a couple of days.

Unlike other IT consultants, Opentek.cas security consultants believe in combining efforts in order to get their customers the best possible solution for their business at the best possible price. Most vendors will offer their customers only their own hardware and services, but this Vancouver network security firm seeks out the best solution for their customers businesses by tapping into their relationships with outside vendors. This allows to provide a truly customized telephone system, unmatched in terms of reliability, uptime and redundancy, even if its by using outside resources. In the end its about providing their customers the very best. VOIP is really the way to go, simply because traditional telephone systems dont match up. The multiple internet services attached to our hosted PBX increase reliability so that if one service goes down, your phones dont. Customers can even get reporting features, with custom printable reports which are stored in a database, says Opentek.cas Bill White. is a Vancouver-based computing solutions firm offering IT services for small, medium and corporate clients. This IT consulting company leverages their relationships with numerous hardware vendors to build truly customizable network systems to meet their clients unique needs at an affordable price. offers hosted PBX services, network security, data backup solutions, storage, hosted groupware and more.