OpticsPlanet Partners with SETI@Home to Raise Funds for the Continued Search

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) July 03, 2012

OpticsPlanet.com helps amateur and professional astronomers discover new features of the cosmos with their selection of telescopes, astronomy binoculars, spotting scopes and star maps, but the search goes on for extraterrestrial intelligence. By teaming up with SETI@Home, OpticsPlanet helps bring additional funding to SETI@Home and energizes a large base of enthusiasts to continue turning their eyes and ears skyward.

Donors who lend monetary support to SETI@Home will now receive coupons good on OpticsPlanets wide selection of astronomy gear. Anyone who donates $ 5 will receive a coupon for $ 10 off orders of $ 75 or more, donations of $ 7 will receive $ 17 off orders of $ 125 or more, donations of $ 9 will receive $ 25 off orders of $ 195, donations of $ 11 will receive $ 35 off orders of $ 275 and donations of $ 20 or more will receive a coupon good for $ 65 off orders of $ 500. Donations can be made at Goodcompanyfundraising.com/shopping/.

SETI@Home has millions of members and participants who have joined in the search for extraterrestrial life, and each of them can enjoy this new promotion. The additional funds will go toward improving the computing power of SETI@Homes network of computers. Enough donations will allow SETI@Home to search for weaker signals that may have been broadcast from stars many light years away.

OpticsPlanet shows their support of the causes and efforts of their dedicated customers by providing astronomers with new ways to save money while contributing to a worthwhile cause. They hope their partnership with SETI@Home will lead to new discoveries about our universe and the other creatures that may inhabit it.

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