Plex announces community feature Discover Together global rollout

Plex today has launched the streaming industry’s first integrated community feature with Discover Together. By sharing ratings, watch lists, watch history, and comments among friends on Plex, streaming audiences now have personalized, human discovery for movies, episodic shows, shorts, documentaries and more across the entire streaming universe.

In beta for the last year with 150,000 early participants on mobile and web, Discover Together is now available worldwide across all devices and platforms to over 20 million monthly active Plex users. The feature set is designed to create a more social entertainment experience, enabling users to discover and decide what to watch on any platform based on ratings and activity from people they know and trust in real life. Located within the Discover section of Plex alongside the Trending feature launched last year, it includes:

Plex announces community feature Discover Together global rollout
  • Activity: Users can see what their friends and family are watchlisting, watching, reviewing, and rating in their Activity Feed. They can also watch list from, comment on, and click through any item in their activity feed to start watching.
  • People: Under People, users can see their current friends and family, search for others, and see friend recommendations from Plex based on shared friends and their personal discoverability.
  • Profile: Users can now see in their Profile section their watch history, watch list, ratings, and friends. They can also edit their privacy settings to varying degrees of discoverability.
  • Friends History: When clicking into any movie or show on Plex and/or through its Universal Search, users will see whether any friends have watch listed, rated, or watched that specific piece of content.

“Really good discovery has to have a social component, and we believe it needs to be integrated directly into the streaming experience to be useful,” said Keith Valory, Plex CEO. “Viewers are more likely to watch recommendations from people they know and trust, and to integrate that into the viewing experience is surprisingly something that has not been done before. At Plex, we are focused on bringing viewers the simplest, most efficient, and most enjoyable way to discover great new content they’ll love. Discover Together is a huge milestone for us in this quest, but it will only get better and better from here.”