Provide Link Exchange to Other Sites

I begin to write everything I want to write and to think that people come to visit and read my writings. I was wrong, it is clear there is some question about the search engine optimization, which is not known. At first, I really can not put something interesting to optimize the site, because I do not care if people read my blog or not, but everything changed when I learned that I can do money blogging.
It is almost a year after starting a blog. Then there was still a novice who does not even know what a blog or domain, and the problem just installs Word Press for my domain. I am not saying an expert now there are so many things I still do not understand, and still waiting to learn all they can to increase my knowledge and skills in the Internet world. Once you familiarize yourself with blogging on a series of trial and error. I look forward to the Internet and look for a guide and a tutorial to create a blog, so I started creating my blog.
After joining some forums and read a mass e-book, I discovered that one of the parameters, advertisers can select the blog you want to advertise, is inbound links. There are several ways to get these backlinks through a high ranking site, one of the easiest is to do a link exchange. But all people are willing to engage in such exchanges, especially if the area is a small investment.
To find a place where owners of sites link exchange at any time. This website is a free link exchange, where you can add your site and provide link exchange to other sites. It is a great way to build relationships, of course, because the popular search engine like Google hate automation software, or a PHP script, and if you get caught red hand, there is the possibility that Google banned. Believe me, when this happens, it becomes an online business upside down. So you know that exchanging links is a sure way to create and develop new links, you are ready to join the web site owners worldwide, and optimize your site now. Your site can also get a popular collection of useful links. You can try free link exchange, then exchange links with other website owners. The links are actually backlinks to other sites. If the site has many other compounds, it is easy for search engines to give the site as part of the result.