Samsung’s new Under Panel Sensor should eliminate notches on smartphones

The new Google Pixel 3 XL has one of the bigger notches of all notched Android phones.

Google Pixel 3 XL

The notched phone craze is in full swing with Google’s latest Pixel 3 XL being the latest phone to sport it. The Essential PH-1 was one of the first with a notch and was followed by the iPhone X. The notch is necessary to allow sensors to operate correctly. There is one phone maker who has not embraced the notch: Samsung. The company invited approximately 20 customers to an event to announce its new Under Panel Sensor technology.

This Under Panel Sensor tech should allow for sensors like Face ID and front-facing cameras to be mounted under the display panel. Doing this will eliminate the need for a notch and perhaps finally give users a nearly all-screen display. Some smartphone makers like Oppo and BLU are creating alternative pop-up cameras but that solution is mechanical and prone to breaking.

This event was held in China and was called the “AMOLED Forum.” Samsung not only discussed Under Panel Sensor technology but also touched on more under-display tech including “in-display fingerprint scanners, screen sound technology, touch-sensitive areas, and under-screen cameras.”

The basic idea, assuming this is really a camera under the display, is the display would be able to become transparent when you use the front camera, but in other situations, it would display content normally.

Currently, the notch is something many smartphone OEM’s believe the need until a new solution is found. Some users disagree saying they’d rather just have a larger top bezel than the notch. One thing is for certain, it looks like Samsung is determined to not get pulled into the #notchlife. It will be interesting to see how their Under Panel Sensor technology does.