SATA hard drive: Physical damage and recovery services

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard drives have quickly achieved a new standard in the hard drive technology market, thanks to fast and efficient data transfer rates (as compared to ATA) and hot swapping. Despite many advantages, you cannot overlook the fact that a SATA hard drive can also suffer damage, just like all other mechanical hard disk drives fail.

In physical failure scenarios, a SATA hard drive won’t be detected by a system and, in addition, you might also receive different error messages. Since hard drive failure leads to data inaccessibility, you must recover lost data from a healthy backup. If you encounter a SATA hard disk failure when there is no backup available, do not worry and switch off the system immediately. You can recover data if you get in touch with experts proficient in delivering data recovery services.

SATA hard drive failure is just another type of failure.

Data loss resulting from this failure can be easily compensated by availing hard drive recovery services. To acquire such professional services in New Jersey is not a big deal. The place is renowned for hosting various industries, and data recovery industry has a great scope here due to the presence of various corporate houses. Data recovery services in NJ can be obtained in case of a hard drive failure, irrespective of the interface (IDE, EIDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS) and brand (Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, IBM).

Let’s consider a practical scenario to understand SATA hard drive failure in a better way. Imagine, you have a computer with SATA hard drive.

One fine day, when you start it, you might get the following error message:


“SATA Primary Hard Disk Drive 0 Failure – Strike F1 to continue F2 to run the setup utility.”



The above error can be witnessed if any of the following conditions:


Due to faulty SATA cables

If the motherboard is faulty

If the BIOS settings are not set correctly

Or if the SATA hard drive is physically damaged



You can follow the below-mentioned steps to eliminate the problem:


Check all the hard drive cables are in a good state and properly connected

If the motherboard is damaged, it is essential to replace it

Verify BIOS settings and restore them to original yet correct settings

In case of physical failure, there is no option but to replace the damaged hard drive and avail data recovery services.


Hard drive recovery engineers have rich experience in handling a variety of hard drive failures, and seeking their assistance is a must if you want to recover the vital data.

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