Tales of a Bratz Game Developer

Every child has a dream of becoming somebody awe inspiring someday. Some would want to grow up to become a lawyer. Some would want to become a doctor. They would say: “I want to become a doctor so that I could cure sick people!” For boys, I guess what tops on this “when I grow up list” is to become an astronaut: everyone seems to have undergone the astronaut phase. (Case in point: Toy Story where Buzz Aldrin replaced the cowboy toy) Some poor souls want to become lawyers. (only heaven knows for what reason!) A few noble ones would want to become teachers– “So that we could mould the minds of the future!” (Pretty mature reason for a child.) For girls, the most favored profession is: “I want to be a famous actress or a fashion model!” It figures. Most of them are vain. Hehe

But as far back as I could remember, all I ever wanted was to be involved in games. I love games. I love the feel of being transported to a different world. I am perpetually amazed how a game could make you forget the time and make you forget a problem. Do you have a problem with your love life? Play counterstrike! Imagine that the evil and vile love of your life face on a terrorist and shoot it with a machine gun. Exterminate! Obliterate! Oops I am sorry. I am getting out of line here. Anyway, I have been envious of professional game players. They go from one tournament to another and earning money while playing computer games. Then they get to win really cool prizes like a top of the line PC or the latest release mobile phone. Talk about lucky people.

I have mentioned that I love playing games. Unfortunately, games do not like me. I suck at playing games. No matter how long I have played at a game, once I reached a point where I know the basics, I do not seem to improve. My friends almost always kick my ass in whatever games we play. In Defense of the Ancients (a popular game mode in Warcraft III), my friends would make it a tradition to hunt my character for I am an easy kill. They would say: “Hey guys! Check out the free 200 gold here!” and they would just laugh.

I know then that if I can’t be a gamer I would be a game developer. Blessed with an eye for details and syntax construction, I studied IT in college. Flash has been my favorite software and pretty soon, I began developing flash games for Bratz games. After graduation, I was formally taken by the company that makes Bratz games and I try to update the Bratz games site. I try to make Bratz games fun and simple to play and pretty soon positive comments flow my way. My little nephews and nieces love playing Bratz games and I found great satisfaction in my work every time I see them smile.