Technological Advantage of Touchscreen

Touchscreen technology has no doubt comes a long way over the years. Jason Ford of EloTouchSystems inveted this which, by 1971, birthed the first touch sensor invented by the company’s founder, Doctor Sam Hurst, an instructor in The University of Kentucky. This sensor was later patented by the university’s Research Foundation and became a milestone for the further development of touchscreen technology. A touch screen device, closest to what we know today, was invented by the same company and founder three years later. This time, the latest technology came with a transparent surface. By 1977, they invented and patented their five-wire resistive technology which is now the most widely used touch screen technology the world over.

Aside from its sleek appearance, touchscreens today are very useful. It can be awesome and useful in any given circumstances.

As a matter of fact, it is a perfect tool to perform various business operations with just a touch of your fingers. This technology has many properties to offer and can be of great advantage compared to other primitive computer devices whether for personal or business use.

One great advantage of touchscreens is their requirement for little space. There is no need for peripheral devices such as a keyboard and a mouse when you have a touchscreen. People don’t have to use an external gadget to be able to use it since all functions of a touchscreen are built within itself. Display screen itself is not only an output device (relays information from computer to user) but it is also the input device (relays information from user to computer). Thus, people find this technology so much easier and more convenient to use.

Plus, touchscreens can be easily mounted on a wall. Again, this is a great advantage, especially for businessmen who don’t have all that space in their place of business.

As far as consumer experience is concerned, touchscreens allow easy manipulation and they tend to encourage people to use them more often. For instance, a touchscreen display at the mall allows shoppers to easily find the location they would want to visit. Imagine, if a person has to use a typical computer with a mouse and a keyboard, it may be too hassle for him to scroll the pointer all the way to where he would want to explore. Somebody who is not so used with these machines wont probably bother to inquire about the exact location of a certain store within the mall. Eventually, if there were many people who would want to go to a particular store and encountered this difficulty using a typical computer, that store would have lost significant sales. Ease of use is definitely an advantage of this technology, especially when used for business purposes.

If you have just developed a product and you are considering selling for royalties or mass-producing it yourself, give it a lot of thought, although essentially, nothing will change. Nothing can change the fact that you invented that product and you deserve to be proud of it whether you decide to be an inventor-for-royalties or an entrepreneurial inventor.

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