The Affordable Network Virtualization Revolution of the 10 GbE Switch for Data Center Networking

10Gb Ethernet has completely revolutionized data center networking. Until recently, it was far too expensive for most companies to use it as a solution for network virtualization. Luckily, that is changing fast, as 10 GbE switches become more cost effective and affordable. As more businesses use this data center networking technology for network virtualization, prices drop, opening up more opportunities for businesses to get on board.

As more of the general population use bandwidth intensive applications like web 2.0 and larger video capabilities, the 10 GbE switch provides a way for companies to enjoy substantial network virtualization without the lags and disruptions they’d otherwise experience. As technology advances, so does the infrastructure needed to deliver it. Data center virtualization has become the norm due to the sheer amount of bandwidth necessary for today’s applications.

Effective network virtualization requires more than just feeds and speeds from a 10 GbE switch. These days, data center virtualization also requires energy efficiency and cooling mechanisms in order to control costs. As information technology reaches a critical overload, it needs to expand. Network virtualization must use efficient speeds that allow easy access to the data being used while keeping unused systems more efficiently during downtime. It’s important to be able install a 10 GbE switch that works efficiently.

The 10 GbE switch effectively unifies technologies by providing improved performance, proven flexibility, increased capability and lower cost advantage. It allows the little guys access to the same technology as multi-billion dollar companies. Finally, everyone can afford the same network virtualization.

As prices fall below $500 per port for a 10 GbE switch, this technology will be more widely used for data center networking by companies across the board, ranging from large corporations to small mom and pop operations. Why not? At this price, people can afford to add a 10Gb Ethernet switch to their data virtualization, and it vastly improves the bandwidth available for data center networking. It’s a win-win situation. The technology for data center networking is ripe thanks to the affordability of the 10 GbE switch. Don’t you think it’s time you got on board?