There is a Great Range in the Price of a Web Site

Our Designers will determine the scope and nature of your Web site’s necessities, analyze and organize the layout and connectivity, and define and code the visible pages and assisting functions to meet these requirements. This is a non-recurring startup cost, and will be your largest primary layout.

Integrated Resolution Designs’ build’s websites for all types of businesses and budget constraints. Everyone should own a Web site to publicize their services and products online, but we don’t think it should cost you money that you can’t manage to have. Integrated Resolution Design’s Web Site Prices Fit Every Budget!

Good communication is the most important step in developing your Web site. Understanding your products, services, needs and expectations is our main concern. Discussing your ideas with one of our professionals will help to answer and make clear any questions you may have. This primary discussion is the basis for not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations. This is a valuable service that IRD is pleased to provide you at no charge. Contact us now for your FREE, no obligation consultation.

Prices For Different Types of Web Sites The following prices are based on sites that IRD has built. Whether a site is new or is a redesign doesn’t change too much in the way of its cost.


3 item, PayPal ‘buy now button’ with 4 page site, custom visual design ($450)

200+ items, lightly customized 3rd party cart, custom visual design, blog ($1275)

6000+ items, extensively customized 3rd party cart, training, custom visual design ($5350)


3rd party directory script, very slight tweaking, 3rd party visual design ($675)

Custom-built events directory with basic searching, basic admin options, no visual design ($2100)

Custom-built membership directory with basic searching, basic admin options, no visual design ($2100)

Custom-built product directory with basic searching, advanced filtering, advanced admin options, member profiles, custom visual design ($4500)


16 simple pages, stock 3rd party CMS script, custom visual design ($731)

14 complex pages, articles sub-pages, customized 3rd party CMS script with searching, 3rd party directory script, 3rd party classifieds script, 3rd party banner management script, 3rd party visual design ($3150)


Added to existing site: simple custom-built system with event selection, online payment, minimal admin options ($750)

15 pages, custom-built system, custom visual design, events registration, payment, workshop selection, complex admin area, support ($3094)


9 pages, 3rd party template visual design, four simple forms ($244)

7 pages, custom visual design, one simple form ($469)

16 pages, custom visual design, simple home page Flash animation ($731)

30 pages, custom visual design for home page, another for internal pages, two complex forms ($1313)

52 pages, custom visual design which is slightly different for every page ($1800)


Add blog to existing brochure site ($225)

Add blog to existing ecommerce site ($300)


Install and configure email newsletter script, and provide training ($113)

Create .mobi version of existing 5 page site ($131)

Add complex form to existing site ($244)

Complex upgrade of a shopping cart ($488)