Tips for Authors – Choosing a POD Publisher

Tips for Authors – Choosing a POD Publisher

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) October 31, 2004

November is National Author’s Month but many first-time authors don’t feel much like celebrating. Rejection letters from large publishing houses scream loud and clear that the traditional publishing trade is not interested in untested talent. What is an unknown author to do?

Thankfully, in this era of technology, budding best sellers have an option. Print-on-demand (POD) publishers have stepped in to provide inexperienced authors with an efficient and affordable alternative to traditional publishing. However, not all POD publishers are alike, and authors considering publishing with a POD publisher need to do their homework., a full-service publisher based in Tucson, Arizona, offers the following suggestions on what to look for in a POD publisher:

-Editorial design and production. In publishing, looks matter. A great cover design and thorough copyediting are paramount if you want your book to be successful. Choose a POD publisher that will provide you with quality editing and design.

-Branding. Most print-on-demand publishers will stamp their company name on your book, which calls attention to the fact that it was printed using print-on-demand technology. Choose a POD publisher that publishes under imprints-as traditional publishers do-to set your title apart from the POD book crowd.

-An understanding of the publishing world and how to work with it – or around it, as the case may be. While printing technology is now more accessible, book sales and distribution are as complicated and confusing as ever. Working with a POD publisher that accepts returns and sells books at industry-standard discounts will make all the difference when attempting to get your book into bookstores.

-Marketing and publicity services. No matter how great your book is, it won’t stand a chance of becoming a best seller unless people are aware of it. Work with a POD publisher that will help you obtain reviews and other media attention.

So, during National Author’s Month and throughout your journey as an author, remember that publishing a book is no small undertaking. Armed with the above tips, you can make informed decisions on the best publishing route for your book.

About,, provides a complete array of publishing services for book authors, including editing, design, distribution, and marketing. gives authors the book design, branding, distribution, and marketing benefits of a traditional book publisher, and the access and control of a print-on-demand publisher. is a service of Wheatmark, Inc., a Tucson-based provider of proven publishing solutions.

In honor of National Author’s Month, will be offering a $ 200 discount and free press release distribution services to authors who sign up to publish by Nov. 15.

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