Weight Loss With Your Breakfast. Give it a Shot!

No I am not kidding. Researchers advocate that breakfast is one of the few proven strategies to maintaining a long term weight loss. I agree with them. The reason why we might not believe this kind of report is for the fact that many of us do not have time for breakfast and if they do is just a little cup of tea and ready bread from the shops and that’s it. So there is no way of proving it. Probably many times we take it lightly comforting ourselves that we will fill the half filled tummies during tea break. Imagine during this break you will be up to taking a little snack and to your discouragement for now from me it won’t burn as expected. Sorry! Start making time for your breakfast and probably it could be the best change you need now for your weight loss.
When you wake up in the morning, your body has relied on its nutrient reserves to keep you going through the night, and the morning is the best time to start stacking them up again. Do not mistake eating breakfast with eating too much especially when you are trying weight loss. Actually if you skip breakfast, you are simply catalyzing your body into asking for food since you are starving. So what you will do you will rush in the nearest cafeteria and buy a snack that will help you feel better and eat it faster. Sorry am discouraging you again, it will not burn well.
Another anomaly of missing breakfast is feeling tired and weak as the day progresses. Unfortunately when this happens you won’t expect to perform fully to your ability unless you eat something first thing however little it is. Your body needs fuel to get you through the day. By the time it is mid day, your blood sugar levels are quite low and you are therefore likely to succumb to a quick fix from a sugary snack, since you could even be feeling dizzy or like you want to faint. this is don’t to any one under a weight loss plan.
Now that I am advising that you take breakfast and probably you are trying to weight loss too, where do you start then? What kind of food fits you well or do you just take breakfast? These are the kind of questions you need to ask yourself. It is all about eating enough of the right foods for breakfast and not enough of junk food. It is good to treat yourself right, give yourself a variety and be at least flexible on your breakfast options. It is what makes it all fun and exiting and wanting to wake up for a new breakfast.
Creativity is key in weight loss. Focus of course on a good mix of high-fibre carbohydrates and protein. Maybe start your day with a ‘smoothie’ made with fruit, a splash or juice and some yogurt. It won’t take you hours to prepare this and actually this is nothing compared to the energizing proteins the sample breakfast is packed up with. Add up some nuts for your breakfast to add some more protein, this way you will slow down the rate at which the carbohydrates are digested. You will definitely feel fuller throughout the day and won’t complain that you feel energy less in the middle of your day. Oats too is a good combination of protein and carbohydrates so high in cholesterol-lowering soluble fibre.
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