Who Invented the Telephone?

Most basic history texts have at least a little information about Alexander Graham Bell, but there are some interesting facts about the invention of the telephone you may not know. Firstly, the telephone was actually invented simultaneously and independently by Bell and another man; the two entered into a legal battle in which Bell won the patent and the fame.

Of course, the reason it was possible for two men to invent such powerful technology independently and at the same time was that the telegraph had already existed for many years. The telegraph relied on Morse code and allowed messages to be sent through wires by tapping into a transmitter at one end of the line. The message was then transmitted as electrical signals, and then translated back into words by the telegraph receiver. From here, it was only necessary to invent a way to translate sound waves into electrical signals, and then back into a voice.

After Bell’s initial discovery and patent of the telephone, the technology became increasingly popular, and it was soon perfected. One of the biggest innovations in telephone technology has been wireless transmission and cell phones. Before wireless technology, it was almost impossible to make a call certain parts of the world from anywhere, but now even a lot of land line telephone signals are routed using satellites because this is faster than traditional phone lines.

With telephone technology, phone number directories have also been developing. While it used to be nearly impossible to find out who owns a phone number, you can now do so almost instantly using a reverse phone lookup. No matter who owns a phone number, you can probably find out online. Simply enter the ten digit phone number about which you want to learn more about into the search field and wait for the results.